About Us

We’re Esharat Communications & Information Technology Co, A one of the leading Libyan companies in its field. The company was established under the Libyan law. And it has a qualified professionals and the resources to deliver a high-quality service to our customers,

The diversity of skills has acquired us the knowledge and experience to implement a turn key solution by transfer the customer’s conceptional into real project.


Commitment and fulfillment of the highest level of professional ethics, collective responsibility in making appropriate decisions, cooperation and flexibility in working with our partners.


Providing our partners with the best modern strategies and solutions that are designed to the highest quality standards.


To be the first choice for investors in the field of information technology.


Fault Management: The expert team is the key factor to deliver a high QoS to our clients which they can be detects, isolates and fixes the network problems. When properly implemented, the network fault management can keep connectivity, applications and services running at an optimal level, provide fault tolerance and minimize downtime.

Revenue Assurance: A One service is to ensure that the telecommunications companies are able to bill the goods and services in accordance with the commercial contract it has with the customer while preventing revenue losses. It ensures the health and integrity of all systems involved in classification, billing and invoicing.


Telecommunication solutions

OSS/BSS are essential for the efficient operation for all telecommunications companies. These two types of systems assigned a number of specific demands of different operative areas within telecommunication entities and support the business activities & service for customers, we provide a wide range of integrated solution for OSS for network performance and troubleshooting Q0S management, and set of source for network infrastructure management.

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AlSayahia, Tripoli Libya.